Red Curb Investments, LLC

A Biography & Overview

Red Curb Investments, LLC, is a real-estate investment, development and management firm based in Torrance, California. Red Curb Investments is a multi-dimensional investment firm with holdings in land, warehousing, office, retail, multi-family housing and single-family housing as its portfolio asset base. In 1995 founder Robert McConnell, currently CEO, set out with a strategy to acquire properties, primarily in the multi-family housing markets of Los Angeles County, Orange County and surrounding areas of Southern California. McConnell’s strategy was to acquire existing, mature properties, refresh and improve them, add security and closely scrutinize tenants to control and maintain certain standards. McConnell felt his ideology of acquiring affordable properties and treating them in this manner would allow them to realize their full potential while making them attractive and alluring to prospective tenants, thus greatly enhancing their value.

The utilization of income properties to warehouse land is a business practice we have embraced and have been rewarded in our efforts by realizing substantial appreciation in its real estate holdings. This realized appreciation has been the primary vehicle to enable the company’s expansion into additional markets which are poised for substantial growth.

Our property improvement programs have been instrumental in endearing stature in the community, while enabling growth within our holdings and allowing us to realize maximum utility of the company’s real estate assets. These efforts additionally serve to maintain and protect the stability necessary for a strong and economically sound valuation base.

In 2005, Red Curb Investments began acquiring multi-family properties in Columbia, SC. continuing their track record for strong growth. We currently hold over 400 multi-family units in the Columbia, South Carolina area.

In keeping with its commitment to the South Carolina market, we recently teamed with two South Carolina natives on two different historical preservation projects, one located in Columbia and the other in Orangeburg. These preservation projects are estimated to require 12 months to complete. When completed, these two properties are expected to add to our premier properties as well as further our efforts in demonstrating goodwill for the Columbia and Orangeburg communities.

To recapitulate, we currently have six (6) development sights underway within some of the most desirable markets of California and South Carolina. These projects include multi-family apartments, new single-family homes, a new townhome community, an office and retail location, and the historical renovation projects.